Zrosk strategic investments take a permanent capital approach to investing in high growth small and middle-market businesses operating in the real sector of the African economy. We currently invest on a deal-by-deal basis principally utilising our proprietary capital. In some cases, we also syndicate transactions with other strategic partners.

Our strategic portfolio contains highly concentrated bets in businesses that we intend to nurture and grow for their cash generative potential. In this strategy, we are not constrained by strict time horizons to deliver returns. We believe this allows the businesses we support to make more long-term strategic decisions that deepen their business moats and enable them to build highly defensible cash generative high ROI businesses. We only invest in businesses in which we want to become permanent owners.
We take a very hands-on approach with this strategy usually taking significant stakes (25-50%) in the businesses we support. In addition to capital, we help our companies unlock their growth potential by adding substantial strategic operational and management value. We look to drive operational enhancement/efficiency, develop and drive growth strategies, source key personnel and implement the best corporate practice.
Our mission is to find some of the continent’s best non-tech sector focused entrepreneurs and help them create corporate institutions of significant value with the added effect of stimulating local job creation, enhancing domestic production capacity, fostering technical and managerial knowledge transfer – All of which are essential in building a vibrant local economy.
ZSP is sector agnostic, but we currently have an interest in agriculture, mining, manufacturing & amp; creative industry.

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