Zrosk private credit provides direct lending to high growth
venture type businesses and companies that occupy the larger
end of the SME spectrum.

We are unashamed to state quite clearly that we are on a mission to support African founders irrespective of where they are. We believe the acute shortage of capital on the African continent also rings true for African entrepreneurs in the diaspora. We are of the view that society losses out by ignoring the ideas of over 1bn+ people (c15% of the global population).
We provide short term (3-24 months) transaction-specific cash flow-backed local currency debt financing. Our capital is typically utilized for one of the following population).
We only fund businesses that successfully pass our KYC/Diligence process and have the following attributes.
We are a transaction-based credit provider with risk management at the core of our operations. We utilized best-practice risk mitigation measures across the entire lending journey.

Are you ready to catalyze the
growth of your business
via our strategies?