Our mission is to be an early backer of the next generation of
African entrepreneurs at home or abroad enabling them to create
category-defining businesses.

We are unashamed to state quite clearly that we are on a mission to support African founders irrespective of where they are. We believe the acute shortage of capital on the African continent also rings true for African entrepreneurs in the diaspora. We are of the view that society losses out by ignoring the ideas of over 1bn+ people (c15% of the global population).

We are therefore on a mission to become the early-stage investor of choice for technology and tech-enabled African founded businesses. Our commitment is to provide more than just capital and to be one of the most prominent value-added investors on a company’s cap table. We invest across the Pre-Seed to Series A spectrum. We typically target between 5-15% ownership in businesses we invest in and tend to maintain that position up until series A providing much needed early follow-on capital for our portfolio companies. Our ticket size range is between $100,000 to $4,000,000 (stage dependent)
In situations where the business model permits, we will also consider some version of non-equity financing which should allow founders to extend their runway and achieve critical milestones before raising dilutive equity capital.

We are sector agnostic but currently have investments across Fintech, SAAS, entertainment tech/web 3.0, mobility and logistics, business services tech and e-commerce.

At Zrosk we do not define success by a company’s ability to continually raise money and achieve a unicorn valuation. Our principal objective is to help founders to create highly successful businesses and leave the market to decide what the business is worth. We like to think from the perspective of “permanent” capital. We invest in businesses in which we believe we will be very reluctant sellers

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