VENCO Raises $670,000 in Pre-Seed Funding, a Round Led By Zrosk Investment Management!

“The team at VENCO are building a platform that allows for the validation of the GDP of the African household. 
Not only does a platform like VENCO allow for significant improvement in the experience of African residents, facility managers and property owners, it could potentially unlock at scale the sort of financial services the African consumer really needs. We view VENCO as both a SAAS and a financial inclusion plan with a potential for  strong multiplicative impact across the continent.” – Samson Esemuede, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Zrosk Investment Management.

VENCO recently, secured $670,000 in itโ€™s pre-seed funding. Zrosk Investment Management led this round.

This pre-seed funds would be used to scale their all-in-one technology platform that manages collection, service charge administrations, utilities vending, visitor access and other services associated with multi-unit property developments across Africa.

We are excited to support the VENCO team in achieving their vision. Welcome to our community VENCO!


Read more about the investment details for VENCO here.

For more about VENCO, explore their website by visiting: https://venco.africa/