Our Strategies

Zrosk Early Ventures

Our mission is to be an early backer of the next generation of African entrepreneurs at home or abroad enabling them to create category defining businesses.

We are unashamed to state quite clearly that we are on a mission to support African founders irrespective of where they are. Read More…

Zrosk Private Credit

Zrosk private credit provide direct lending to high growth venture type businesses and companies that occupy the larger end of the SME spectrum.

We initially started by providing cash flow backed debt financing to our portfolio companies and realized that the financing challenges faced by our portfolio companies is emblematic of a wider financing problem. Read More…

Zrosk Strategic Investments

Zrosk strategic investments takes a “permanent capital” approach to investing in high growth small and middle market businesses operating in the real sector of the African economy. We currently invest on a deal-by-deal basis principally utilising our proprietary capital. In some cases, we also syndicate transactions with other strategic partners.

Our mission is to find some of the continents best non tech sector focussed entrepreneurs and help them create corporate institutions of significant value with the added effect of stimulating local job creation, enhancing domestic production capacity, fostering technical and managerial knowledge transfer – All of which are essential in building a vibrant local economy. Read More…