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Trac is a Zrosk Venture Portfolio Company that is creating the alternative choice to the traditional record label and a destination where artists can monetize their careers. An integration of music distribution and blockchain technology, Trac is founded by Cardin Campbell.
In this exclusive interview with Zrosk Investment Management, this Caribbean founder reveals interesting details regarding Trac as a brand and its founder’s journey from ideation to investments.
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About the Founder and CEO of Trac.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, born in a music family and became an artist very early on in my life. In high school I was on my way to potentially becoming a fulltime recording artist. But, with Caribbean parents, having something to fall back on was drilled in me as the focus. Luckily, I was a bit of a nerd as well.

When I wasn’t performing on talent shows, I was at computer shows on the weekends buying parts to build and sell them. That was my first startup.

I went on to study engineering in undergrad and grad school for that thing to “fall back on”. I then spent almost 20 years in Corporate America, at companies like Intel, Nike, Expedia Group & Peloton.
I was primarily the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Marketing and that I would say is my area of expertise; building the marketing technology stack to power high performing marketing teams.

The big Idea Behind Trac.

The big idea behind Trac is that artists are founders and need the infrastructure to grow as businesses. It started back in 2020 and it’s going pretty well, we’ve scaled to a point where we have doubled our gross revenues year over year.

The Eureka Moment for Trac.

The Eureka Moment came when I stumbled upon blockchain technology. Realizing the capabilities and the promise it had for an industry that I’ve been a part of or on the sidelines for all my life.

We understood that drivers across Africa can drum up their own business; what they need is support in overcoming the key barriers of this industry, affording a vehicle to drive and then ensuring they can build wealth from the income it generates.

Choosing Partners and Teams.

Like most startup founders, I chose my team from my inner circle, then branched out from there. Getting referrals to other people then I started putting up job descriptions for other positions.

Revenue Model at Trac.

We initially started with something very familiar to artists, music distribution, before turning to blockchain technology. We have a combined model with this business where we take a percentage of their earnings as well as subscription to remove said percentage of earnings.

Investments and Developments at Trac.

We are at our seed stage currently. Our MVP was pretty well received based on our results over a 2year period. The entire experience has helped us all grow as a team, and we realize that our brand has tremendous promise to finally disrupt an age-old music industry.

Future Projections and Expectations for Trac.

In 5 years, we will be the alternative choice to the traditional record label and a destination where artists come to monetize their careers like never seen before.

For more about Trac, explore their website by visiting: https://trac.co/