Zrosk Investment Management was founded in 2018. It is a company which was created as a result of several practical observations.

  1. Alignment of interest between traditional asset managers and their capital providers.
  2. The failure of the traditional financial system to channel capital into opportunities with the highest level of impact
  3. The sub-optimal returns generated from non-sovereign investment instruments.
  4. The difficulty African companies have raising financing in global financial markets

Zrosk Investment Management was founded on a mission to tackle these issues. Our aim is to leverage capital to unleash impactful economic success. We take a stage based/multi-asset approach to investment, invest along side our clients on the same terms and look to do away with the traditional asset management fees structures which often rewards non-performance. Zrosk is a company with a proverbial “skin in the game”. If we don’t succeed in generating returns and having a positive impact, we simply do not have a business.